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Product Detail Safety Blanket

Fire or blanket fire extinguishers, which are commonly used in laboratories and industrial locations, are one of the useful safety equipment that will be effective next to the fire extinguisher. This blanket is widely used to extinguish a person or object that has caught fire, as well as to extinguish a fire at the starting point, and prevents the fire from penetrating the rest of the surrounding areas. The composition of the materials used in the manufacture of firefighting blankets is very important; This is because these materials are exposed to high temperatures and may worsen the burn condition. This blanket is made of fireproof fibers and does not stick to the skin against high temperatures. By dropping and wrapping the fire blanket, the oxygen required by the fire is reduced and the fire is extinguished. Some of the old fire blankets, which were not approved by the NFPA (National Fire Association), were made of asbestos woven fibers, which posed a potential risk during operation and could be harmful to health.

Special features such as insulation against various factors and very low heat storage make them one of the products that significantly contribute to the storage and optimal use of energy. On the other hand, these blankets are very resistant to thermal shocks and in a way, it can be said that they are not vulnerable. Another feature of this blanket is that it can be used even up to 900 degrees.

Refractory or fire blankets can also play a very important role in road and city rescue, which is one of the requirements of safety and firefighting equipment. In urban or suburban road accidents, there are definitely fires that sometimes need to save a person from the fire in which they are caught, and this rescue is in order to do less harm to the person, which blankets are very good options. In addition to being used by rescuers, these blankets can also be used in homes and commercial office buildings.


How to use fireproof blankets

The process of fire occurs despite the three elements of heat, fuel and oxygen. Refractory blankets are used to put them on the fire to suffocate the fire and prevent oxygen from reaching it, which extinguishes the flames. People who do not have much experience in using fire extinguishers can use fireproof blankets because they are very easy to use.



  • Fire Stations
  • Automotive Industry
  • Petrochemical
  • Houses
  • Schools and ...